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Having trouble understanding the collar sizes and styles? Let me help. 
Our Barrel Collars are the thinnest collar we have, they're also split in the middle making it best for barrel horses to move with them. 
Our Team Roping Collars are essentially the same as the barrel collars only a wider piece of leather, but also split in the middle. 
Our Large Tripping/Pulling collars are solid collars and perfect for high performance horses (roping, tripping, & other) and they are one solid piece of leather. 
Our Small Tripping/Pulling Collars are essentially the same as the large tripping collars, but not as wide.

Our Bronc Halters are from Martin Saddlery: Double stitched heavy harness leather with a wide noseband. Traditional style with classic, timeless appeal. Stainless steel buckles.

Our Headstalls are made out of 1" Herman Oak leather and are split ear. 

Choosing a headstall flower style, the options are Original Style (A) or Cut Style (B)

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