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Creation of the Pocketbook

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noun                                                                                                      a woman's purse, wallet or handbag

a person's financial resources or means: The price was out of reach of his pocketbook. 

Also pocket book . a book, usually paperback, that is small enough to carry in one's coat pocket.
  1. a notebook for carrying in one's pocket.
  2. a wallet or billfold. 

In the beginning of the Pocketbook, we were leery! As always with creating a new items with new measurements and building process, there's sure to be a hiccup. And this was no easy project.  So our rule of thumb is always, 'Don't use your favorite leather.' I can hear Sammi telling me that anytime I try something new, luckily! But with the Pocketbook, I was SO excited and just sure I wouldn't mess up. So we used my most favorite leather ever, and it paid off! (Lucky Us!)

It was one evening and we were staying late to finish up some orders. Shad had came into town to see us and have dinner and we were all in the shop. I was done with my orders for the day so started to clean up when I came across my pile of leather I had recently cut out to make this new 'Mega-Wallet'. Actually in my own words I kept telling Sammi that I wanted to make a 'big a** wallet' to fit alllll of my junk and boy did we ever! 

So I start cutting and sewing and measuring to get all my pockets and card slots the right width and make sure my liner is exactly how I want it. In the mean time, Sammi is just finishing up her orders as well and begins to help me and brainstorm of all the possibilities this thing is capable of. This is my original drawing we went  off of.



After we had finished laying out the liner and sewing that up, it was Sams turn! She had the toughest part of all, sewing in the Zipper! This is particularly tough because you have to line up the liner and front just perfectly and have the zipper inserted in-between the two perfectly. So when you're sewing it up, you catch the zipper, liner, and front all in one. This is tricky because you can only see one side of the bag as your sewing! But of course she did fabulous and it turned out perfect! 

Now we have our Pocketbooks, and I may be biased but these are the greatest thing the world and everyone should have one! 

We wanted it to be able to hold all that a wallet would, + your keys, phone and more! So we designed it to have a thicker piece of leather stiffener inserted between the liner and front. This allowed it to stay upright and look good, while also giving it some structure to go off of. There is no stiffener in the center (middle when closed) to allow it to work like an accordion, letting it be flat and thin when it wasn't full, or giving it a wide bottom when it is full. We inserted two panels into the pocketbook and left room all around so the edge would bend once it was full. This allowed some relief on the zipper and wasn't pulling at a weird angle. We also made it with 2 zippers, giving you the ability to unzip it and lay it out completely flat.  You can see here where it has a breakout point in the leather which gives you the more squared up bag instead of of turning into blob, this gives it some structure and the ability to be wider. 

With that being said, this is what the liner entails

-XL Zippered Coin Pocket ( You can fit so much in this! Mine has scissors, a knife, change, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, chapstick, and ladies unmentionables) 

-XL Leather Pocket ( I use this for 3 checkbooks, receipts & my grocery list)

sewn to the outside of those pockets are:

-A Cash Pocket and an XL Business Card Holder (Our cars are thicker than normal so I needed a place to hold ALOT without taking up card space on the other side!)

On the other side the Pocketbook liner is:

-12 Card Slots (I think I have 4-5 cards per slot, so I always have a place for someones business cards!) 

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Currently I have ALOT in mine, which seems to never change. But I have yet to fill it up to much! All of my card slots are completely full, My business card holder is full, I have so many goodies in the zipper pocket, 3 checkbooks in the leather pocket + all those pesky receipts, a bag of hard root beer candy, small bottle of germX, and could easily fit my iPad in there along with my phone and keys, and my keys are ridiculous! Like think obnoxious, how much more crap can you put on there, do you really need all that, I forgot what this key is for, you can hear my coming when I walk obnoxious. I will also add, I have a Ruger .22 with a 3.5" barrel and I fit it in there with no problem what so ever! This is mine the evening we finished creating it! We have added a cash pocket now to all the rest. 

So essentially these Pocketbooks are literally amazing and if you're thinking, would I really use it? Trust me, YOU WILL! You will not regret getting one of these badboys! This is mine after being used and abused, it gets thrown everywhere!