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Charlie Gould - Memories of a Cowboy

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Charlie holds no prejudices or preconceived notions about where a person hails from, whether he is called a cowpuncher, buckaroo or cowboy. Makes no difference to him whether his outfit is a centerfire or double rig saddle, whether his rope is tied hard and fast or he dallies with a sixty foot reata. You'll find that Charlie holds in high regard anyone who "makes a hand" regardless of what he's called, what kind of outfit he has, or what culture he's a product of. Texan, buckaroo, cowpuncher or rough country wild cowman, no matter. Charlie can tell you stories about the ones he's worked with. 

"Ed has latched on to this and will take you on the trail of Charlie's adventures. You're in for a history lesson on cow outfits and the men that work them. You'll meet many of the best (and some of the worst) but at any rate many memorable characters along the way."   - Mike McFarland

Written by Ed Ashurst    

Illustrated by Mike Capron